Brooklyn shooting: Several people were shot in a New York subway station

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At least 29 people were injured after a gas mask worn by an armed man released smoke canisters and began shooting New York subway commuters.

Police in New York said they have not yet ruled out terrorism as a possible motive behind a “corrupt” mass shooting on the city’s subway system.

At least 29 people were injured, including 10 with gunshot wounds, following the sudden attack on a Manhattan-bound subway train during the rush hour Tuesday morning.

The apparently well-planned incident saw the gunman wearing a gas mask and firing a smoke canister into a crowded train carriage before shooting passengers. Still at large.

Security sources said that the weapon used by the gunman was jammed in the middle of his attack New York Post.

“It was fortunate that it was disrupted because we could be talking about a lot more people in hospitals or worse,” said one of the sources.

A bag of disturbing items was also found at the scene Tuesday, with a photo obtained by the outlet showing smoke grenades, “seismic wave” crackers and a 25-shot packet of fireworks all thrown together inside the bag.

It seemed that none of these elements fused together or exploded.

Graphic images from the scene show people lying on the sidewalks at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn with pools of blood around them and smoke filling the station.

One of the videos shows passengers, some of them screaming, as they pour out of the vehicle where the shooting took place. It appears that a number of passengers were injured and collapsed on the sidewalk.

US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation.

“corrupt” attacker

New York Gov. Cathy Hochhol said there was an “active case of shooting” in the city as the perpetrator had not yet been arrested.

“This morning, ordinary New Yorkers woke up in anticipation of a relatively normal day.

“This feeling of returning to normalcy has been so brutally disrupted by someone so corrupt that they didn’t care about the individuals who had been assaulted,” Governor Hochul said at a news conference at a subway station on Tuesday afternoon.

How the subway attack unfolded

New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the accident occurred at 8.24am New York time (10.24pm AEST) as a Line N train waited to enter the 36th Street station in the suburb of Sunset Park.

“One of the people on that train wore what appeared to be a gas mask. Then he took a package out of his bag and opened it. The train at that time started to fill with smoke. Then he opened fire, injuring several people on the subway and on the platform.”

The suspect was described as being about 1.7 meters tall, black in color and wearing a green jacket and a hooded sweatshirt. His clothes have led some to believe that he deliberately dressed as either a construction worker or a Subway employee.

There were earlier reports of explosives on the train, but police said there were no such devices on the system.

Terrorism does not rule out

At a news conference, Commissioner Sewell initially said the incident was not under investigation as terrorism. But when journalists pressed her about how confident the police were that the attack was not terrorism-related, given that the perpetrator was at large, she added that the force had not “ruled anything.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who was not at the site during his isolation after contracting Covid-19, said the suspect detonated smoke bombs to create chaos.

“We will not allow New Yorkers to be terrorized by even one individual,” he said.

Of the 16 injured, the New York Fire Department said 10 were shot, while the rest suffered from inhalation of smoke, shrapnel injuries or panic.

None of the injuries were said to be life-threatening, but authorities warned that the accident at the time had just occurred.

The N Subway line runs from Brooklyn’s popular Coney Island theme park through the borough’s downtown area and on to Queens via Times Square in Manhattan.

A passenger waiting on a train at the platform said to New York Post That she saw a man “drop some kind of cylinder that caught on top”.

The woman, named Claire, said she “missed counting” the number of shots she heard ringing when the man fired.

Yves Montano was on a train leaving for the station when the hoopla erupted.

Tell CNN He heard “what I thought were fireworks, but now I’ve heard it was gunshots and I’m thankful I hid behind one of the chairs.”

He described the horrific scenes after getting off the train.

“There was blood on the ground. There was a lot of blood spurting out on the ground. At the time at this moment, I didn’t think it was shooting because it looked like fireworks,” he said.

“All I saw was people stepping on each other, stepping on each other, trying to get in the door that was locked and there was a lot of panic, but fortunately the train moved quickly to the next station and everyone got off the train in a hurry.”

The NYPD has asked people to avoid the area between 36th Street and 4th Ave in Brooklyn.

There are growing concerns about rising crime rates in New York that Mayor Adams has vowed to address.

Since the start of 2022, 375 crimes have been recorded on public transport, an increase of 73 percent compared to 2021 and a 41 percent increase in major crimes. CNN.

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