Dead Russian soldiers found rotting as Putin continues killing in eastern Ukraine

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Dead Russian soldiers were left rotting in their bunkers yesterday when Ukrainian forces overran their positions – but a new lethal attack by Putin’s forces is feared within days.

The sun witnessed scenes of massacre after a major battle outside Kharkiv – even as the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He vowed to continue his slaughter in the East.

Jerome Starkey the Sun stands on a destroyed Russian battle tank


Jerome Starkey the Sun stands on a destroyed Russian battle tankCredit: Peter Jordan
Jerome inside the offices of the regional council in Kharkiv


Jerome inside the offices of the regional council in KharkivCredit: Peter Jordan Commissioned by The Sun

Bodies lie in open bunkers after Ukraine seizes the ridgeline in a three-day battle for Mala Rohan – where soldiers are confident they can defeat Russia.

Someone said: “Whatever Putin does, we will not give up. We won the battle of Mala Rohan. We are one step closer to winning the war.”

But it comes amid growing fears that Russia will unleash chemical weapons to turn the tide in invading bloodbaths after many defeats.

bundles of Russian forces In T-72 tanks dug into a line of trees two miles outside Kharkiv and bombed the second largest city in Ukraine.

Ukraine live news while Putin's monster 'unleashes chemical weapons'
A Russian tank exploded, causing a shell to explode, destroying another vehicle

They took the ridgeline on February 26 and stayed there for a month until Ukraine The armed forces launched a bloody counterattack.

Residents said the Russians, too young to eat, looted a nearby furniture factory and took rolls of carpet to line their hideouts.

Farmer Zlobina Lubov, 62, said they stole her food and bombed her barns — killing 140 cows, pigs and lambs in an inferno.

“They only had four days of classes and after that they started stealing. They used shopping carts to take it all,” Ludmila said.

In the tattered remains of treeline sites, The Sun found bottles of rum, wine and prosecco amid signs of a fight to the death.

Stretching out for about a mile were stained scraps of Russian uniforms, empty missile tubes, and charred remains of tank shells and rocket-propelled grenades.

Ukrainian sources He said there were no Russian survivors and that the wreckage tells the story of how they died.

There were two empty Russian helmets pierced with a single bullet in the back. A third was shot from the front.

In a bow fracture, the T-72 tank sat down, and its turret exploded.

A few yards away was an MT-LB armored personnel carrier that the Russians used to tow howitzers.

Farther away, there was a burnt out ammunition truck, a second wrecked tank, and an armored personnel carrier.

Everywhere, scorched black tree trunks were ripped apart by heavy artillery.

The Russians had dug for themselves shells – shallow, grave-like shelters to protect themselves.

But it was not enough to save them from the Ukrainian attack.

Larger bunkers – perhaps command posts – were reinforced with walls of sandbags and covered with branches and earth.

But most of the roofs were blown up, revealing a half-buried Russian dead inside.

One of the soldiers lay on his back, his face and camouflaged torso still visible in the middle of the ground that had fallen again.

His eyes were filled with birds.

finished eyes

In a second bunker, a soldier fell on his forehead surrounded by boxes of dirt and mud.

Local soldiers said the other bodies were taken away.

Ukraine also lost a number of troops, but they refused to say how many.

In the bush, there were dozens of empty shoes, tubes of shaving foam, a credit card and instructions for a medical kit.

The metal barrel of the rations was marked with 6 MSR, indicating that the Russian soldiers were from the 6th Motorized Rifle Regiment.

On the road below the ridgeline, a missile got stuck in the asphalt.

And in a nearby village – where dozens of people still dare to live – another lays Blow up a tank with Za Russian sign for the invasion chariots, on its side.

The word NLAW is written in silver letters on its barrel in reference to the British-made shoulder-fired missiles that helped the Ukrainian armed forces destroy hundreds of Russian tanks.

Defeats such as the Battle of Mala Rohan forced the Russian forces to retreat.

In nearby cities Kyiv and Sumy In the north, the Russian forces withdrew completely.

But it’s a different story in Kharkiv, where a shell stuck in the road is standing outside the regional state administration building.

The Russians still held positions a few miles from the city’s ring road and eight miles Russian convoy He was seen moving south through Velykyi Burluk, 40 miles east of the city, to join the attack on the Donbas.

Heavy artillery and Grad missiles pounded over Kharkiv day and night.

In the nearby town of Chugoev, about 12 miles outside of Kharkiv, medics tended to a farmer who had been bombed as he walked outside with his wife to milk their three cows.

“It’s a miracle I’m alive,” said Alexander Ignatov, 54.

An air raid on the southern edge of Chuiguiv left a 30-yard-wide crater and destroyed twenty homes.

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In a nearby nine-story building, 38-year-old Alexander Tsypolnik said he, his wife and an elderly neighbor were still living in the building after a bomb fell a few meters from their door.

Ukraine said it recorded about 5,800 alleged war crimes committed by the Russians yesterday, with official figures showing 186 children killed and 344 wounded – although the real number is believed to be much higher.

Jerome in an abandoned Russian bunker


Jerome in an abandoned Russian bunkerCredit: Peter Jordan Commissioned by The Sun
A Russian shell planted in the Kharkiv road


A Russian shell planted in the Kharkiv roadCredit: Reuters

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