Fire in Brooklyn subway leaves many injured as NYPD pursues suspect – National

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A gunman filled a rush-hour subway with smoke and shot several people on Tuesday, causing wounded commuters to bleed. Brooklyn Authorities said the platform while others were running screaming. The police are still searching for the suspect.

Officials said the shooting wounded at least five people, and at least 11 people were somehow injured in the attack at the 36th Street station in the town’s Sunset Park neighborhood.

A video of a train passenger shows smoke and people streaming from a subway car. Howling erupted as passengers ran to get out while others limped off the train. Someone falls onto the platform and someone shouts, “Someone is calling 911!”

Emergency personnel gather at the entrance to a subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York on April 12.

John Minchillo/AFP

In videos and other images from the scene, people lean toward the bloodied passengers on the platform, some amid what appear to be small pools of blood, and another person on the floor of a subway car.

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“The subway door opened in a disaster. It was smoke and blood and people were screaming,” eyewitness Sam Carcamo told 1010 WINS radio station, saying he saw a massive billow of smoke rising from the N train as soon as he opened the door.

According to multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation, initial information indicated that the suspect who escaped was a man wearing a construction jacket and a gas mask.

One law enforcement official said investigators believe the suspect used a smoke canister prior to the shooting. The official said investigators are checking whether the suspect used this device in an attempt to distract people before shooting.

Law enforcement gather near the entrance to a subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York on April 12.

Kevin Hagen/AFP

Fire and police officials were investigating reports of an explosion, but the police department tweeted that “no explosive devices are active at this time.” Multiple smoke devices were found at the scene, municipal spokesman Fabian Levy said, and confirmed the initial number of shooting injuries.

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At least 11 people are receiving treatment in two local hospitals. None of the MTA workers were physically hurt, according to a statement from the local 100 Transportation Workers’ Union.

Juliana Fonda, a broadcast engineer for WNYC-FM, told her news site Gothamist that she was taking a train when passengers behind her car started banging on the door between them.

“There was a lot of popping noises, and there was smoke in the other car,” she said. “And people were trying to get in and they couldn’t, they were knocking on the door to get into our car.”

President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have been briefed on the incident, as well as Governor Cathy Hochhol. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 Sunday, was briefed at the mayor’s home.

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The accident occurred on a subway line running through south Brooklyn in a neighborhood about 15 minutes by train from Manhattan. Local schools are closed, including Sunset Park High School across the street.

Danny Mastrogiorgio of Brooklyn had just dropped off his son to school when he saw a crowd of commuters, some injured, climbing the subway stairs at the nearby 25th Street station in a panic. He said at least two sustained leg injuries.

“It was crazy,” he told The Associated Press. “No one knows exactly what was going on.”

New York City Police Department personnel gather at the entrance to a subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York on April 12.

John Minchillo/AFP

Alan Lee was running his company, the Knob Café, when a half-dozen police cars and firetrucks suddenly congregated in the building that houses the 36th Street station.

“Then they started taking the people in the building into the building next door and then blocking the subway entrance” near the cafe door, he told The Associated Press. When officers noticed bomb squads and dogs, he was sure it wasn’t an everyday problem on the subway.

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A sea of ​​emergency lights was visible from at least a dozen blocks away, where a police cordon had been put in place.

New York City has faced a spate of shootings and high-profile accidents in recent months, including on the city’s subway trains. One of the most shocking events was in January when a stranger pushed a woman to her death in front of a train.

Law enforcement sources report that New York City Police Department personnel gather at the entrance to a subway station in the New York borough of Brooklyn on April 12.

John Minchillo/AFP

Adams, a Democrat just over 100 days into his term, made suppressing crime — especially on the subway — the focus of his early administration, and pledged to send more police officers to stations and platforms for regular patrols. It was not immediately clear whether the officers were actually inside the station when the shooting took place.

— Associated Press reporters Michael Balsamo in Washington and Michael L. Price and Jennifer Peltz.

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