Russian President Putin defends his decision to invade Ukraine

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daily Mail: Putin’s Warning to the West: Vladimir vows ‘consequences’ for those interfering in Ukraine as he threatens to create ‘waves of migrants’ in Europe – after ‘moving missile system towards Finland’ amid row with NATO

Today, Vladimir Putin insisted that his faltering invasion of Ukraine would prevail because he threatened global famine as a result of Western sanctions against Moscow.

*Video shows two Russian coastal defense systems passing a sign heading for Helsinki

* Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said her country may apply to join NATO by summer

Vladimir Putin today warned his enemies in the West that they would face “consequences” if they “aggravated the situation” in Ukraine, as the Russian strongman threatened to create “waves of immigrants” in Europe.

Speaking in front of dozens of missiles at the Vostochny space launch facility in Russia’s Far East, Putin insisted his faltering invasion of Ukraine would win as he warned of global famine as a result of Western sanctions against Moscow.

The Russian president claimed that Russia’s economy and financial system withstood the blow from what he called Western sanctions a “blitzkrieg” and insisted the move would be counterproductive by raising the prices of necessities like fertilizer, leading to food shortages and increased migration to the West.


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Russian President Putin defends his decision to invade Ukraine

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