WHO says it is watching China closely as it grapples with the spread of COVID-19

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CNBC: The World Health Organization says it is watching China closely as it battles the worst wave of COVID-19

* Almost all of Shanghai’s 26 million residents remain on lockdown about a week after the city’s two-phase lockdown ended.

* China is grappling with the worst outbreak of the Covid virus since the virus was discovered in Wuhan more than two years ago.

* Despite the decline in the number of cases in most countries, mainland China recorded a record high of 1,184 new asymptomatic cases and 26,411 asymptomatic cases, according to the National Health Commission.

The World Health Organization said Monday it is monitoring a major surge in COVID-19 cases in mainland China, an outbreak that local officials have attributed to the more infectious omicron BA.2 subfactor.

Dr Kate O’Brien, director of the WHO’s Immunization and Vaccination Program, said the agency is in contact with public health authorities in China about the resurgence of Covid.

WHO officials have said they need to monitor the effectiveness of the country’s regional lockdowns and vaccinations, but said they don’t have enough information to make an assessment yet.


WHO says it is watching China closely as it grapples with the spread of COVID-19

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