Philadelphia mask mandate returns after surge in COVID-19 cases

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Philadelphia mask
Philadelphia mask

The sharp rise in COVID-19 cases has brought the Philadelphia mask state back. It is the first major American city regain his wisdom mask After the variable Omicron threatened a new wave in the city.

There was a 50% rise in just 10 days. This is the threshold at which Philadelphia’s mask state is set and people are advised to wear masks even indoors, the health commissioner, Dr Sherrill Pettigaul, said.

Health officials say the malignant BA.2 variant is behind the sudden rise in cases. This form spread rapidly throughout Asia and Europe and became dominant in America in recent days.

Philadelphia Mask The necessary mandate to combat the new wave: City Health Commissioner

Dr. Petigol noted that if we are conservative in not implementing the measures, it could lead to a wave of transmission, infections and deaths. She noted that about 750 Philadelphia residents fell victim to the Omicron outbreak in the winter.

She said the Philadelphia mask mandate can help us stay on top of the COVID-19 pandemic and take other necessary precautions before we get a clear idea of ​​the cruelty of this alternative.

The Philadelphia Mask work in the interior ended on March 2. Dr. Petigol said it felt great enjoying the feeling of being back to normal again.

specific cases of Variable Omicron It rose to more than 140 a day. This is a small part of what the city experienced during the height of the increase in COVID-19 cases. Hospital treatment remains modest at only 46 patients. Dr. Petigol said she wished it wouldn’t happen again, but then worries about the vulnerable neighborhood and loved ones.

The restaurant industry opposed the Philadelphia Mask mandate. They say workers will have to face customer anger when the mask mandate is reimposed.

Ben Felicia of Pennsylvania Restaurants said the announcement could only deal a heavy blow to small businesses when the city began to recover.

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