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When it comes to visiting galleries, New Yorkers tend to head to the neighborhoods of Chelsea or the Lower East Side of Manhattan, or even Tribeca, where the art scene continues to grow. But for a low-key experience, you can try the Dumbo section of Brooklyn.

The neighborhood is home to over a dozen galleries that offer so much to you, and this weekend is a good time to visit (another good time: the first Thursday of every month, when these art spaces remain open until 8pm and host special events and openings). If you opt for a Friday picnic, you can attend the final day of Object for Artists, an unmissable group exhibition of emerging artists in Dumbo Sculpture Studio and Gallery at the New York Studio School. Other recent shows include a range of thought-provoking shows at Air Gallery. You can also stop A generation of superior imagesSusan Meisilas’ gallery of color photos from her professional series “Carnival Strippers” will run until April 24; and Main Street Park, where Claudia Fizer’s majestic sculptures will run through May 2. Gallery guide, listing these and other current fairs, such as Cuban Art SpaceThe self-made artist show, Wayacón and Montebravo, can be found at artindumbo.com.
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movie series

A strange priest lives in Mexico (Francisco Rabal) who is devoted to asceticism, tolerance, education, and caring for the sick met with contempt or disapproval by almost everyone. The main exceptions are two women who are clearly wrong – one is a prostitute who is wanted to be stabbed; The other is so angry with love that he has suicidal tendencies – who insists on accompanying him on the pilgrimage.

It’s easy to see why “Nazarín,” a highlight of the Mexican period, won Luis Buñuel, who won an award at Cannes in 1959 and was. Recently released in New York in 1968It was read as a rebuke to religion and as an honest look at the meaning of faith.

Late arrival in New York after the 2019 Cannes Show, the restoration is on display at Museum of Modern Art until Monday It has much sharper picture quality than what is available on streaming platforms, making it easy to estimate configurations Famous cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa. He rubs his shoulders with a rather rudimentary documentary, “Follow Nazarín” (2015), which nonetheless provides a good background.
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In Our Time, Victor Gold’s newest album with his trio, is a showcase of piano courage and muscular rhythmic teamwork. And as she listens, its title takes on multiple meanings at once – acting as an insistence on contemporary and an acknowledgment that it lies along a continuum.

The band’s ultra-modern brand of tight swing rhythm is actually their own form of “time,” in the words of jazz musicians — but a number of these pieces also include a look back, in honor of ancestors. Jazz. And the souls of the recently deceased great pianists cross Gold’s fingers: You’ll hear an angle korea chickrhythmic attack Larry WillisBlues Layered Harmony From Harold Maber.

Gold will be at the Jazz Gallery on Friday with the album’s musicians: Tamer Schmerling on bass and Anwar Marshall on drums. They will play groups at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM; Tickets range from $25-$35 for non-members, $10-$20 for members, and $20 for live broadcasts, and can be purchased at jazzgallery.org.
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Every few years, it seems, holidays converge. With Easter starting Friday night and Easter Sunday arriving, the weekend is packed with related events.

installation Easter Festivalhis feet JCC Marilyn Merson in ManhattanShows eight Israeli films about the holidays, all in Hebrew with English subtitles. Streaming on-demand on the Eventive platform from Thursday 10:00am ET until April 24th 11:45pm (one movie ends early), the titles aren’t all for kids but include some of the three that will tempt them.

“There are no blacks in Tel Aviv” It combines animation and live action to tell the story of this city’s first zoo and its founder, a rabbi who loves animals. “My hero brother” It follows young people with Down syndrome on a trek in the Himalayas, each accompanied by a non-disabled brother or sister. And “Fida,” A fantasy drama, centered around the father of Denny who gathers his ex-rock band to fund cancer treatment for his 6-year-old daughter. (Movies cost $5, festival ticket $18.)

Looking for some Easter fun? Children’s Museum in Manhattan celebrate The whole weekend With egg hunts, arts and crafts, and Saturday parties. (Details are on her website.)
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In his new Peacock comedy series “Bust Down”, Sam JayThe character laments her status as a cafeteria lady in an Indiana casino. In real life, Jay’s comedian star continues to rise.

In 2018, she released her first comedy album through Comedy Central and debuted on Netflix with a short film on The Comedy Lineup. In 2020, Jay debuted her solo star on Netflix, “3 in the Morning,” and last year she quit her writing job on “Saturday Night Live” to star in her own comedy series on HBO. , “Breaking With Sam Jay”. “

This weekend in bell house In Brooklyn, Jay will focus on partying with his assistants in “Bust Down.” The show, which begins at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, will feature co-author and star series, Jack Knight; and her book Amy Plotnik And Zack FoxWho enjoys his own success as Tariq on ABC “Elemental Abbott.” Tickets are $20 and are available at Evenbright.
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