Head of the Afghan Party: Zionism is behind the strife to damage relations between Iran and Afghanistan

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Abdul Latif Pedram was referring to recent anti-Iran rallies in some Afghan cities, attacks on the Iranian embassy in the capital Kabul and the Consulate General in Herat, and videos on social media allegedly showing the abuse of Afghan immigrants in Iran.

“Behind the scenes of all these campaigns on the media and the virtual space there are foreigners and enemies of the two countries, and through these they want … to create a more serious crisis,” he said.

“Some of our countrymen are affected by the enemy’s propaganda and fueling this strife, without paying attention to the truth of the matter, and without realizing that promoting such issues leads to the ensuing consequences, advantages and disadvantages inside the country.”

Pedram also said that more than five million Afghans have migrated to Iran, which itself faces sanctions and severe economic problems. Despite all that, this country has embraced Afghan immigrants so they should not be “underestimated” and “underestimated”.

Pedram also spoke of the attack on the Iranian Consulate General in Herat.

He said, “It was quite clear that people were recruited and traveled to Herat from remote areas, as the locals and indigenous people of Herat are not and do not fall into the trap of enemy conspiracies.”

Pedram also called on the Afghan people and Afghan officials not to be deceived by these traps set by the enemies.

During Monday’s rallies, crowds set tires on fire in front of the Iranian missions, attacked them with stones, and smashed security cameras outside the buildings.

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