More Sarkhi members call for the destruction of Shiite sites in Iraq

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The Iraqi Security Organization said that it has so far arrested 29 members of the group in the governorates of Baghdad, Basra, Najaf and others.

The authority says that the detainees have been investigated and their cases referred to the competent courts for trial.

Meanwhile, a court in the Iraqi province of Maysan issued, yesterday, Wednesday, an arrest warrant for the leader of Al-Sarkhi Mahmoud Abdul-Ridha Muhammad, also known as Mahmoud Al-Sarkhi.

The arrest warrant was issued for “publicly insulting the beliefs of followers of other religions.”

Al-Sarkhi’s whereabouts and whether he was in Iraq is unclear. But there are reports from 2015 that he is in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil and is heavily guarded by foreign security companies.

Al-Sarkhi is closely associated with Saudi Arabia, with Muftis and other religious references calling him the supreme religious figure in Iraq.

Iraqi officials have issued three arrest warrants for al-Sarkhi since 2014, but they have failed to arrest him.

The group’s imams’ call for the demolition of holy sites in Iraq has sparked a wave of public anger among Iraq’s Shiites over the past few days.

Reports say that angry protesters have so far set fire to 20 bases and religious schools belonging to the group in Iraq

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