Simone Ashley loves how her ‘Bridgerton’ character ‘breaks the rules’

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Simone Ashley loves how Bridgeton’s character “breaks the rules.”

Simon Ashley loves Kate Sharma's rebellious streak

Simon Ashley loves Kate Sharma’s rebellious streak

The “Sex Education” star admires Kate Sharma — who plays her in the second season of the Netflix series based on the Julia Quinn book series — and her ability to not be “people-pleasers” and get what you want.

While appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday (14.04.22), the 27-year-old actress told host Tiffany Haddish, “I love the fact that she’s [Kate] You do not please people, and you are not afraid to be opinionated and controversial; Break the rules a little.

Simone—who was involved in that dramatic period in a love triangle with Lord Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, and her sister Edwina played by Charthra Chandran—was eager to “stay faithful” to her sisterly obligations.

She said, “I mean, she was there to protect her sister and I wanted to stay true to that throughout the story.”

Recently, Simon described being cast on The Shonda Rhimes Show—which has been renewed for seasons three and four—”every hiccup.”

She said, “Everything was a hiccup. It happened in a couple of weeks. I sent some self tapes the first week and on the second day I was meeting Johnny. [Jonathan Bailey] For a chemistry test.

“Everyone knows about the show and has been talking about it and has been wondering what will happen in season two, but I had to keep it quiet for a few days.”

Simone added that as her fame rose, she was “trying to live in every moment” even when she saw huge promotional material with her face on it.

She said, “The hotel where I stayed in Los Angeles, I saw my face, Johnny and Charithra on a billboard from the window.

“It was so weird, in a nice way, I was really proud of everyone. It was a weird feeling, I guess. I’m just trying to live the moment of it all and enjoy it.”

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