Ukraine-Russia war LIVE- Humiliation for Putin as ‘go f***k yourself’ warship Moskva is ‘BLOWN UP by Ukrainian missiles’

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UKRAINIAN officials have claimed a huge missile success after Russia’s defence ministry revealed their flagship was ‘seriously damaged’.

Russian officials have admitted that the damage was caused by an explosion aboard Moskva, the flagship of the country’s Black Sea Fleet.

They did not specify the cause of the fire, saying it was under investigation.

However, Ukraine have claimed that the 186m-long vessel was struck by their Neptune missiles.

Ukrainian presidential aide Oleksiy Arestovych said Russian rescuers were unable to reach the vessel, which could have had as many as 510 crew members on board.

Odesa regional governor Maksym Marchenko wrote in his Telegram post: “It has been confirmed that the missile cruiser Moskva today went exactly where it was sent by our border guards on Snake Island!”

It comes just weeks after the soviet-era ship opened fire on 13 defiant border guards tasked with protecting Snake Island.

Ukrainian soldiers previously told Russians on board Moskva to “go f**k yourselves” after they were asked to surrender.

The defiant border guards had been tasked with protecting Zmiinyi or Snake – Island in the Black Sea from Russian invaders.

The heroism of the border guards caught the world’s imagination with many moved their bravery in the face of death.

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  • German economic institutes faces sharp recession if Russian gas cut off

    Germany would face a sharp recession if gas supplies from Russia are suddenly cut off, the country’s leading economic institutes said today, and the government said the war in Ukraine poses “substantial risks” for Europe’s largest economy.

    A sudden stop in Russian energy supplies would slow economic growth to 1.9% this year and result in a contraction of 2.2% in 2023, they said.

    “If gas supplies were to be cut off, the German economy would undergo a sharp recession,” said Stefan Kooths, vice president and research director business cycles and growth at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

  • TikTok in war with Russian media as ‘misleading’ Kremlin propaganda floods onto app

    TIKTOK is reportedly still battling to prevent misinformation from Russian news outlets on its app despite a ban last month.

    New content originating from Russia was banned back in March after the invasion of Ukraine but some Russian state media accounts are still posting.

    Russia has criminalized what it has called “fake news” about its invasion of Ukraine so TikTok blocked any new content from users in Russia.

    TikTok said at the time: “Our highest priority is the safety of our employees and our users, and in light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law, we have no choice but to suspend livestreaming and new content to our video service in Russia while we review the safety implications of this law.”

    Despite the ban, Russia Today was found to still be posting concerning TikTok content until March 28.

    TikTok is said to have removed hundreds of accounts posting misleading content about the Ukraine war.

  • Explosions ripped through the ship

    The Russian ministry of defence said explosions ripped through the ammunition stores triggering a major blaze.

    The vessel played a key role defending Russia’s navy and its loss would be a major coup for Ukraine – leaving the rest of the fleet more vulnerable.

    It comes days after Britain announced it was sending Ukraine hi-tech anti ship weapons.

    But the ship is believed to have been struck by Kyiv-made Neptune missiles.

  • Russia threatens nuclear escalation

    If Sweden and Finland join NATO, Russia has said there will be “no more talk of a nuclear–free Baltic.”

    Both countries are reviewing their security arrangements following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

    But the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said such developments would bring a response from Moscow.

    He said: “There can be no more talk of any nuclear-free status for the Baltic – the balance must be restored.

    “Until today, Russia has not taken such measures and was not going to.”

    Such a development would give Moscow “more officially registered opponents”, he added.

  • 197 children killed in Ukraine

    According to Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office, 197 children have died since the war in Ukraine started.

    In a press release, it added that 351 children had also been injured.

    It said the highest child death rates were in the regions of Donetsk, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

  • Ukraine claims 300 were kept hostage in Yahidne school

    Ukraine’s defence ministry has claimed around 300 people were kept hostage for four weeks in the basement of a school near Chernihiv.

    Writing in a tweet, it said that Russian troops had taken villagers hostage in Yahidne, 140 km north of Chernihiv, and that 18 people had allegedly died during the Russian occupation.

    The tweet included a picture of a wall, which it said was used by the hostages to keep track of the days they were there.

  • Ministry of Defence

    The Ministry of Defence have said that the towns of Kramatorsk and Kostiantynivka are likely to be targets for similar levels of violence seen in other urban centres.

    They said: “President Putin’s speech on Tuesday highlighted his continued interest in the Donbas where Russia is striking Ukrainian forces in preparation for a renewed offensive.

    “Urban centres have faced repeated indiscriminate attacks from Russia throughout the conflict. The towns of Kramatorsk and Kostiantynivka are likely to be Russian targets for similar levels of violence.

    “The combination of widespread missile and artillery strikes and efforts to concentrate forces for an offensive represents a reversion to traditional Russian military doctrine.

    “However, this will require significant force levels. Ukraine’s continued defence of Mariupol is currently tying down significant numbers of Russian troops and equipment.”

  • What is Snake Island?

    Snake Island is ruled by Ukraine, but it sits just miles from the coast of Romania.

    The tiny island is strategically important as its fall will allow Russia to claim territorial waters stretching 12 nautical miles out to sea.

    Russia would be able to cut off key shipping channels – isolating Ukraine from international markets and starving its economy of trade revenues.

  • ‘Glory to Ukraine’

    Governor Marchenko triumphantly wrote on Telegram: “Neptune missiles guarding the Black Sea caused very serious damage to the Russian ship. Glory to Ukraine!”

    Despite claims that the atrocity was caused by Neptune missiles, Russia insists that the damage was caused by a fire.

    Telegram channel Ishchi Svoikh, set up by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, reported: “The cruiser Moskva sank at about 3am.

    “Shortly before this, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced that there was a fire on the ship, the ammunition detonated, the crew was evacuated.

    “But according to our data, this is all far from being the case.

     “An effective rescue operation could not be carried out due to a storm, about 300 sailors died.

    “Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that Moskva was hit by two Neptun missiles.”

  • Nine evacuation corridors agreed today

    According to Ukraine’s deputy prime minister nine evacuation corridors have been agreed for Thursday in an effort to help people trapped in besieged cities across Ukraine to escape.

    Writing on Telegram, Iryna Vereshchuk said humanitarian corridors have been organised from cities including Berdyansk, Tokmak, Enerhodar and Mariupol.

    She added that evacuation routes would operate in the Luhansk region if Russian forces stopped their shelling.

  • Russia claims 1,000 Ukraine marines surrendered in Mariupol

    Russia yesterday said it had taken control of the port in Mariupol.

    The Kremlin claims that more than 1,000 Ukrainian marines had surrendered in the southeastern Ukrainian city, whose capture would free up forces for a wider offensive.

    The Ukrainian defence ministry spokesman said he had no information on such a surrender.

  • Besieged Ukraine soldiers in Mariupol launch last gasp assault

    UKRAINE troops in besieged Mariupol yesterday launched a last ditch effort to prevent the port finally caving to Russia’s onslaught.

    Battle-hardened fighters had been trapped in two pockets with their backs to the Sea of Azov — and Russian troops between them.

    But crack marines in one pocket punched through the enemy lines to link up with their comrades from the diehard Azov Regiment, an aide to President Zelensky said last night.

    Adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said the 36th Marines launched a “complex and very risky manoeuvre to connect with the Azov Regiment”.

    The mission saved the marines from defeat and reinforced the Azov battalion.

    Mr Arestovych said: “They gained a second chance.”

    Marines commander Major Sergei Volyna posted a video with Azov chief Denis Prokopenko vowing to fight together “to the end”.

  • Mass grave of 400 Ukrainian victims dug up at Bucha

    Ukraine began the grim task of digging up a mass grave where at least 400 victims of Russian atrocities are thought to be buried.

    A JCB digger helped workers in Bucha haul bodies from the mud as Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian forces of “inhuman cruelty” to civilians.

    A report by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe — which counts Russia as a member — said there were “clear patterns” of Russian war crimes including torture, rape and murder.

    It came as officials revealed at least 25 females, including a girl of 14, had been raped by occupying forces.

    The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan said that Ukraine was now a crime scene.

  • Ukrainian military updates

    The Ukrainian military have released an update marking the 50th day of Russia’s invasion.

    They say that Russian forces continue to launch systematic missile and bomb strikes on military and civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions.

    The Ukrainian military have also claimed that troops from Russian ally Belarus continue to carry out tasks to cover the Ukrainian-Belarusian border regions of Brest and Gomel.

    They also continue to partially block the city of Kharkiv as shelling continues in the region.

    Ukrainian forces claim to have destroyed a tank, four armoured units and six vehicles, as well as a Russian artillery system.

  • Russia issues sanctions against 398 members of US Congress

    Russia said Wednesday it had introduced sanctions against 398 members of the US Congress in retaliation against Washington’s punitive measures over Ukraine and said more sanctions would follow.

    “Taking into account the sanctions the US is constantly introducing, further announcements of Russian countermeasures are planned in the near future,” the foreign ministry in Moscow said in a statement, adding the sanctions included a ban on entry.

    In a separate statement, the foreign ministry said that it had introduced sanctions against 87 members of the Senate of Canada and more measures will be announced soon due to Ottawa’s “short-sighted” policies.

    After Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to pro-Western Ukraine on February 24, the West slapped debilitating sanctions on Moscow including the exclusion of several banks from the SWIFT messaging system, a coal embargo and new restrictions on investments.

    In coordinated action, Western countries have also announced the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats suspected of spying.

    On Wednesday, Russia said it was expelling a senior Czech diplomat from the EU country’s embassy in Moscow in a retaliatory step.

  • What is known about the flagship?

    • It was constructed in the early 1980s in what was then the USSR.
    • It was the lead ship of the Soviet navy’s Project 1164 Atlant class.
    • The warship’s main weapons are P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship missiles.
    • The cruiser became the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet in 2000 and played a key role during Russia’s military campaign in Syria.
  • Hero Brit captured

    A HERO Brit has been captured by Vladimir Putin’s evil Russian soldiers while fighting for Ukraine in Mariupol.

    Aiden Aslin, 27, known on the battlefield as ‘Jonny’, was a care worker in the UK before heading to Ukraine to defend locals from marauding Russian forces who are raping, looting and massacring citizens.

    But this week he contacted friends and family to reveal his unit had run out of food and ammo, saying “It’s been 48 days. We tried our best to defend Mariupol but we have no choice but to surrender to Russian forces.”

    Aiden’s mum Ang added: “I love my son, he is my hero – they put up one hell of a fight.”

    He is now likely to be used by Vladimir Putin‘s murderous regime for propaganda, but there is some hope Aiden may eventually be released as part of a prisoner exchange.

  • Polish president slams Russia’s war as ‘terrorism’

    Poland’s President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday branded Russia’s war on Ukraine “terrorism” as he visited Kyiv with his counterparts from the Baltics.

    Speaking at press conference with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky., Duda said”This is not war, this is terrorism. If someone sends planes and soldiers to bomb residential areas and kill civilians, that is not war.

    “It is cruelty, banditry, terrorism.”

  • Four ciilians dead after Russian strikes on Kharkiv, says governor

    Russian strikes on Ukraine’s second city of Kharkiv killed four civilians on Wednesday, the governor of the northeastern region said.

    “Unfortunately, 4 civilians were killed and 10 wounded in the shelling during the day,” governor Oleg Synegubov said on social media.

  • Biden announces $800m military aid package for Ukraine

    US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, including weapons, ammunition, armored personnel carriers and helicopters.

    “This new package of assistance will contain many of the highly effective weapons systems we have already provided and new capabilities tailored to the wider assault we expect Russia to launch in eastern Ukraine,” Biden said in a statement.

  • Uk targets separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine with sanctions

    The UK is sanctioning 178 individuals who are deemed to be “propping-up the illegal breakaway regions” in eastern Ukraine, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has announced.

    The Foreign Office has long planned to focus on those behind the Russian-backed so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, and Ms Truss said the shelling of a railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk had spurred the Government into action.

    The sanctions are being co-ordinated with the European Union, the Foreign Office said.

    Russia has refocused its military efforts in recent weeks as Russian president Vladimir Putin looks, according to Western intelligence, to mount an offensive on the Donbas region following a failed attack on Kyiv.

    The Foreign Secretary said: “In the wake of horrific rocket attacks on civilians in eastern Ukraine, we are today sanctioning those who prop up the illegal breakaway regions and are complicit in atrocities against the Ukrainian people.

    “We will continue to target all those who aid and abet Putin’s war.”

  • France seizes £20 BILLION worth of Russian Oligarch assets 

    France has seized more than £20billion-worth of cash and property belonging to Russian oligarchs including Roman Abramovich in response to the Ukraine War.

    The incredible figure was confirmed by Economy and Finance Ministry in Paris yesterday, as it confirmed that 12 properties belonging to former Chelsea Football Club owner were among the assets frozen.  

    “They include homes, superyachts and helicopters, and add up to well over 25 billion euros,” said a ministerial source. 

    “There are 33 properties that have been frozen, including a dozen belonging to Roman Abramovich.

    “It is all part of the programme of sanctions being brought against the Russian Federation in response to its invasion of Ukraine.”

    Freezing property assets mean they cannot be sold or used for rental income, the source explained.

  • Symbols reveal Putin’s ‘plan to kill hundreds of civilians’

    CHILLING symbols reveal Vladimir Putin plans to kill hundreds of civilians and then blame Ukraine for the war, a whistleblower has claimed.

    A secret service source in Moscow warned the Russian President’s sinister plans include a major “false flag” attack in border areas of Russia.

    The hit which will cause the “deaths of hundreds of civilians” will be later “blamed on Ukrainians” and “internal enemies”. 

    According to the source, the attacks will be against  “Z” and “V” war symbols which are to be painted in the coming days on prominent residential buildings.

    The signs will be daubed on the walls of buildings in apartment blocks-local authorities in Russia have the right to place slogans on residential buildings.

    Explosions in blocks of flats could cause “hundreds of civilian victims”, the whistleblower, purportedly an FSB insider said.

  • Putin: Russia to seek alternative to European energy market

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Moscow will be looking into alternative markets for its energy exports after Western capitals sanctioned Russia over its military operation in Ukraine.

    Since Moscow’s troops moved into its pro-Western neighbour on February 24, Russia has faced a barrage of unprecedented sanctions, including embargoes on its energy exports.

    “We have all the resources and opportunities to quickly find alternative solutions,” Putin said during a televised government meeting on the development of the Russian Arctic.

    “As for Russian oil, gas and coal — we can increase their consumption on the domestic market… and also increase the supply of energy resources to other parts of the world, where they are really needed,” Putin added.

  • Pictured: Inside the ruins of destroyed Mariupol theatre

    A RUSSIAN soldier patrols the ruins of Mariupol’s theatre where up to 300 sheltering civilians were killed.

    The blitzed building was shown off by the invaders during a tour of the charred city.

    Moscow sought to blame Ukraine’s forces for last month’s strike

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