Ukraine-Russia War Live Stream – British Volunteer “Johnny” is captured by Putin’s evil soldiers as Mariupol faces one last bloody situation

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A British hero was captured by the evil Russian soldiers of Vladimir Putin while fighting for Ukraine in Mariupol.

Aiden Aslin, 27, Known on the battlefield as “Johnny”, he was a care worker in the UK before heading to Ukraine to defend the local population against Russian forces who rape, pillage and massacre citizens.

But this week is Friends and family To reveal that his unit ran out of food and ammunition, “It’s been 48 days. We’ve tried Best to defend Mariupol But we have no choice but to surrender Russian forces. “

Aiden Ang’s mother added, “I love my son, he’s my hero – they put a fight into hell.”

It may now be used by Russian President Vladimir Putinfatal advertising systemThere is some hope, however, that Aiden will eventually be released as part of a prisoner exchange.

while, Ukrainian fighters finally make a hellish stand In the tunnels under an abandoned steel mill at Stalingrad in Mariupol as Russian forces approach the besieged port city.

Experts say that the fall of Mariupol is inevitable, but the attackers at their underground bases hope to make the invasion of the Azov sea port as difficult as possible for the attackers.

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