“What happened to…?” Take a look at the Asian giant wasps, the Jamaican Olympic ski team – Toronto

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In this special episode of What happened to…? Erica Villa provides an update on the stories she covered in the second season of the podcast including the Jamaican Olympic ski team.

Jamaican Olympic Ski Team

Sunday 20 February marked the end of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which saw nations gather to compete in the sport.

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The Jamaica team competed in the 2022 Winter Games; She qualified for the four-man bobsleigh event and two other events in Beijing.

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The last time a four-men bobsleigh team qualified for the 1998 Olympics was in Nagano, Japan.

Olympian Nimroy Turgot said his goal for the 2022 Games was to build on the success of previous teams and beat Jamaica’s best player at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway when the team finished 14th overall.

However, the Jamaica sledge team didn’t have the finish they were hoping for, coming in 28th overall.

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“I wasn’t satisfied with the performance because I think we can do a lot better than what we did,” Turgott said.

However, he noted, this is the first time the team has seen this track in Beijing. He added that they went through about six training rounds before the competition.

“It’s basically like six minutes of practice before actually racing at the Olympics on that track, and we didn’t have the best equipment.”

Turgot said the team plans to build their skills and capabilities.

He said, “I am not disappointed in the overall performance of the season because we met as a team on September 18th… and we have already worked and qualified for the Olympics.”

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“We are fully focused. We talked about it, and that we want to stay together as a crew going forward to the next Olympics,” he said. “Imagine if we were together for four or five years together, training together and doing the exact same thing with the same goal? Together, we can achieve more.”

Asian Giant Hornets

The second season of What happened to…? It was launched in November with the first episode looking back at the first Asian giant wasp nest discovered in North America in British Columbia.

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And while no giant Asian hornet nests have been found on Vancouver Island or the Fraser Valley since September 2019, in August and September last year, three nests were found in Washington state.

Officials with the Washington State Department of Agriculture have been monitoring the insects and have not detected any activity since eliminating the nests last year.

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“Since that time, we have not discovered any additional Asian giant hornets or hornet nests,” said Carla Salpe, a public engagement specialist in the department.

“Through detections, [it’s] Confirmed views said: “This will be one of the traps caught in one of our traps, or a confirmed sighting by a member of the public.”

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“So we had no further sightings or discoveries of the traps after the recent removal of the nest on our side of the boundary.”

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Salb said that after eliminating the nests in September 2021, one insect was found in British Columbia

“Canadian authorities had actually caught one Asian giant wasp across the border as we were eliminating those nests east of Blaine. But they thought it was related to our nests. So the timing seemed like it was very likely that it came from one of us and didn’t adhere to international borders,” she said.

While giant Asian hornets have not been detected, Washington state officials said three years must pass before the insects are considered fully eradicated.

“We have to have three years in a row, basically, undetected, and then at that point we consider it wiped out, although we’ll probably continue to monitor to some extent,” she said.

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“What Happened To” is back for a second season

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“It was encouraging that after that third nest was removed last year, we had no further discoveries or reports. So that was good news, but only time will tell.”

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