CIA Director William Burns Says China Is “A Silent Partner in Putin’s Aggression”

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Burns highlighted “the immediate threat of renewed Russian aggression against Ukraine” and “the long-term problem posed by the ambitious Chinese leadership.” Above, Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) shakes hands with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in 2014

daily Mail: CIA director calls China Xi Jinping a ‘silent partner’ in Putin’s fomenting of war in Ukraine: Reveals how agency changed tactics in sharing intelligence on Russia with Kyiv

* CIA Director William Burns described China, led by President Xi Jinping, as “the silent partner in Putin’s aggression.”

* Burns said China posed the “biggest challenge” to the United States and “the most profound test the CIA has ever faced.”

* Burns denounced the “horrific” crimes committed by Russian forces in Bucha and throughout Ukraine

He warned that the later stages of the war, which will soon enter its eighth week, will include continued bloodshed

* He also revealed how the agency changed tactics with a new policy of publicly revealing declassified intelligence about Russia’s plans.

The CIA director has said that China is a “silent partner” when it comes to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “aggression” in Ukraine.

William Burns spoke candidly on Thursday and cautioned that China presents the “biggest challenge” and “most profound test” the agency has ever had to deal with, as he celebrated his first year at the helm of the agency with a speech at Georgia Institute of Technology on Thursday.


Update #1: CIA Director William Burns denounces Russia’s ‘horrific’ crimes in Ukraine, calls China ‘the silent partner in Putin’s aggression’ – CBS

Update #2: China’s Xi Jinping is a ‘silent partner’ in Putin’s ‘aggression’ in Ukraine, warns Burns, CIA director Fox News

WNU . Editor: The director of the CIA is right in China.

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