War news updates: US Secretary of State Blinken tells Europeans that the US thinks the Russian

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Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the State Department in Washington, US, April 13, 2022. Andrew Harnik/Paul via Reuters

CNN: Western officials say there is no short-term end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in sight

Two European officials told CNN that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told European allies that the United States believed the Russian war in Ukraine could last until the end of 2022, with American and European officials increasingly estimating that there is no short-term war. An end in sight to the conflict.

Several officials who spoke to CNN stressed that it was difficult to predict exactly how long the war could last, but several officials said there were no indications that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimate goals had changed, and it was unlikely he would pursue it. . Diplomatic negotiations unless faced with a military defeat.


Update: Blinken told EU leaders he believed Russia’s war on Ukraine could last until the end of 2022, CNN reports (interested in trading)

WNU Editor: I don’t see the end of the war at the end of 2022. The mood I’m reading in Russia is that many think that the war will continue in 2023.

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