Amanda Bynes finally ditched new music after teasing her in 2021!

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Amanda Bynes She could call herself a rap artist who just happened to fall in diamonds.

Bynes’ guardianship was recently terminated and the former Nickelodeon star started opening a new career page.

On Wednesday, the “Easy A” actress dropped her new song, “Diamonds,” which depicts fiancé Paul Michael.

She announced on her Instagram account, “DIAMONDS on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, and itunes! Find DIAMONDS Amanda Bynes Paul Michael.”

Amanda Drops Rap Song “DIAMONDS”

Paul and Benz show their own rap game.

Rapping her fiancé, “Drip from diamonds, iced, drips from diamonds,” and Bynes raps, “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my neck, on my wrists.”

If you listen to the song ringing any bells in your head, you won’t go crazy.

Back in January 2021, Amanda teased the song on her own Instagram account.

Paul also posted the clip on TikTok, in which he quotes the rapper, “Drip in diamonds, iced, drips in diamonds.”

She and Paul Michael teased it again in 2021

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While they posted a teaser for the song it was met with some harsh criticism.

One person took to Twitter, writing, “Just go show that no talented nut can rap these days.”

Others tweeted things like “But why,” “No,” and “Who?”

“Maybe you should stick with fashion,” another wrote on Twitter.

Bynes kept the comments section on her Wednesday post IG OFF, so no one can say anything about the song.

It turns out that this song was written in early 2020, according to her attorney, David A.

“Amanda is creative and fun. I had a lot of fun recording the song “Diamonds” during the first lockdown,” People. “She is now able to share it with her fans.”

“Diamonds” was a quarantine project

Amanda Bynes

In the week following the termination of the guardianship, Bynes and Paul were moving together to a new property in Los Angeles, according to her attorney.

“It does very well,” Esquibias said. “They are actively looking for furniture and she is excited about all of this.”

In addition to her new rap career, Bynes has been flooded with TV shows, documentaries, and interviews.

Now that she is a free woman, she is being stalked by many outlets who want to get word from Amanda herself.

The lawyer for the former actress, Esquipas, revealed in a statement obtained by Entertainment tonight“While Amanda has been inundated with offers of interviews, most of which have come within the past five days, she is not ready to speak and has calmed down for a while.”

Everyone wants Amanda back on their TV screens

Amanda Bynes is not inspired by Britney Spears
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

He also revealed that several production companies have reached out to Amanda’s team wanting to shoot “documentaries or a possible reality show about her life as she moves forward.”

A large number of networks such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS News Gail King, Vanity Fair, Elle, And Logan Paul They are just *a few* of the people knocking on Amanda’s door according to TMZ.

However, you may remember that the former Nickelodeon star quit with her acting career in 2011.

Despite several successful films and TV shows, Bynes decided to retire.

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