Most Broadway theaters will drop vaccine checks, but they won’t hide the mandate

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Vaccination and persuasion requirements, long outdated in many parts of the country, have receded in New York; On March 7, the city Abandoned rules Require proof of vaccination for eating indoors in restaurants, for example. Other environments, including movie theaters as well as some comedy, sports, and concert venues, have chosen to remove the masking requirement. Masks are still mandatory on subways and buses, as well as indoor subway stations, but anecdotal evidence suggests compliance is waning.

Cases of infection with the virus have recently appeared Get up in New YorkBut the number of new cases is still well below the levels at the peak of Omicron’s surge.

Broadway decided to maintain the requirements for masking, given the size of its audience (seats range from 585 in Hayes, where the Take Me Out plays, to 1926 in Gershwin, home of “Wicked.”), and the length of his shows (the longest three and a half hours are “”Harry Potter and the cursed Child‘), cramped seating (many theaters were built a century ago) and audience composition (traditionally 65% ​​of tourists, although there are more locals due to the pandemic’s impact on travel).

Theater owners say audiences have mostly embraced the requirement — there have been occasional disagreements about wearing masks, but they have been less common. Only on planesFor example, most clients seem to have accepted the protocols.

Abandoning vaccination verification will save producers money: Paying workers to check proof of vaccination has been one of several Covid safety measures that have raised the running costs of shows. Broadway.

Some New York City performing arts institutions have settled on more restrictive audience protocols. The Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall, for example, continue to do so Ask Evidence of vaccination (but supporting proof requirements have been waived) and concealment.

The coronavirus pandemic, which in March 2020 led to a prolonged shutdown of Broadway theaters, has continued to trouble the industry since theaters began opening last summer. In December, the arrival of the Omicron . variant I paid multiple offers to cancel offers; This month the arrival of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. 2 sub variant Four shows forced cancellations After the stars that Daniel CraigAnd Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker It was tested positive.

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