The immigrants sent by Greg Abbott have arrived in Washington, D.C.

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Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Several undocumented immigrants were taken to the US capital on Wednesday on several buses. This decision was made by Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, who wanted to take a stand against the government of Joe Biden, the president of America. Joe Biden’s administration has moved the border policy it started Donald Trump Hence this action was a sign of opposition to the movement.

Greg Abbott decides to bus undocumented immigrants

Greg Abbott stated that by transporting immigrants directly to Washington, D.C., the federal government can take responsibility as it decides to grant them entry into the country. The immigrants were all from Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, taken by hundreds of buses in response to Biden’s decision to end the Address 42 expulsion.

Greg Abbott is heading for re-election next November, and that’s a big step he’s taken ahead of this election. The Texas Department of Emergency Management has ordered hundreds of buses to transport immigrants to Washington. According to his statement, the state of Texas will not deal with the pressure of these immigrants only for Biden Failed management with regard to border security.

However, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, stated that all immigrants arriving in the capital will be directed to US Customs and Border Protection. The correct destination where they will complete their immigration procedures.

Alejandro Mallorcas, Secretary of Homeland Security, announced a few days ago that the federal government would end Trump’s public health rule that began during the pandemic era to stop the spread of the coronavirus across borders.

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