Austrian Chancellor Karl Nahammer says Putin ‘believes he is winning’

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daily Mail: ‘Putin thinks he is winning’: Austrian leader who met Russian president said he is now following his ‘own logic of war’ as bombs kill at least five in Kharkiv

* Russia issued a horrific “surrender or die” ultimatum to the last defenders of besieged Mariupol on Sunday.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the forces had cleared the city, leaving only a small unit of Ukrainian fighters

* The Ukrainian MP from Odessa, Oleksiy Goncharenko, said that the last defenders “will fight to the end”.

* President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Kremlin was “deliberately trying to destroy everyone there.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desperation grows as his invasion continues to stop

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he is winning the war in Ukraine, according to Austrian leader Karl Nahammer, whose comments were published this weekend as more missiles fell on Kharkiv on Easter Sunday.

Ukrainian officials said the latest barrage of missiles that hit the besieged city of Kharkiv killed at least five people and wounded more than a dozen.

The shelling fell on blocks of flats, behind broken glass, debris, and part of at least one rocket littered the street. Firefighters and residents scrambled to put out the flames in many of the buildings that caught fire.


Austrian Chancellor Karl Nahammer says Putin ‘believes he is winning’

The first EU leader to meet Putin since the invasion of Ukraine said the Russian leader “believes he is winning the war” – interested in commerce

Austrian chancellor: Putin thinks he will win — the hill

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