Johnny Depp’s doctor and nurse testify about how the tip of the star’s finger was cut off, ‘found on the floor in the kitchen’

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Johnny Depp's bruise

This photo of Johnny Depp was entered into evidence during the star’s defamation trial against Amber Heard.

two of Johnny Depp Medicare providers have given differing accounts of how they learned the star’s finger had split. A doctor confirmed in a video that Depp’s number was “found on the kitchen floor in the house”.

The March 2015 incident occurred in Australia, where Depp was on the site of the fifth batch of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Depp now claims that he suffered this injury because of his ex-wife Amber Heard He threw a bottle at him, but David KeeperThe concierge, who directed the search for the missing finger, testified that Depp told the emergency room doctor that he had cut it with a knife.

“There was a basement under the kitchen area,” Kieber said, expressing some uncertainty about exactly where to find the fingertip. “So this will be on the main floor. The kitchen was on the main floor when he went home.”

Kipper testified that there was broken glass in the house, but he did not specifically remember seeing blood on it.

Doctor’s Certificate – Certificate Debbie Lloyda nurse I worked with – Explore a central claim to Deb $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard, and portrayed him and not his ex-wife as the abuser. Both Kipper and Lloyd’s accounts paint an inconclusive picture of how Depp lost his finger.

“I’ve heard different stories from people,” Lloyd said, when asked if she knew how Depp cut his finger. “I heard Amber threw a bottle of vodka at him. I heard he hit her with a phone.”

The text messages showed an intimate relationship between Lloyd and the actor. Depp called her “Little Debbie” and was extravagant in saying goodbye to her.

“I can’t thank you enough [for] All you did for me… from the side of malice and the side of a broken heart!! You have been a lifesaver…literally!!! Depp wrote in one message. “We’ll see each other again, baby…!!!!”

Showing the message, Lloyd said emotionally, “I’m going to cry.”

A bluer letter sent by Depp to Lloyd compares trying to thank her adequately to “a monkey trying to have soccer sex.”

“It’s simply impossible,” Depp explained.

Depp also asked Lloyd to thank “The Doc” for Motrin and Baclofen, a pain reliever and muscle relaxant.

“They work as a treatment for amputated fingertips,” he said gushing.

Deb’s longtime chief security agent Sean Pete He did not specifically monitor the fingertip incident, but told a jury that he saw Heard throw a bottle at him and recognized photos of Depp’s alleged bruises.

“It was a bottle of water or a cup of coffee,” Pitt testified. “It was a plastic thing.”

When asked if he’d seen Heard throw anything else, Pete replied that he didn’t, although he had heard from Depp about the alleged broken bottle incident that cut off his finger. Heard’s attorneys contested the hearsay portion of that answer, which the judge omitted from the record.

When asked about the physical injuries he saw on Depp, Pete replied, “Yes, he had scratches around his nose area, I think one side of his face, in the cheek area, then on his forehead.”

Deeb’s account reflects a narrative that took hold half a decade ago.

In 2016, Heard sued for a restraining order obtained just one year before her divorce from Depp, and was photographed bruised, in photos that have received relatively little attention outside of Hollywood gossip. Two years later, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Heard’s allegations found her moment when she portrayed herself as a survivor in a 2018 opinion piece in Washington Post. Depp sued that piece in a Fairfax County court, Virginia, although his name is not mentioned in it. Heard was sued for defamation after Depp’s lawyers called her allegations a “hoax.”

In the UK, Depp lost a defamation lawsuit against him the sun calling him “beater wifewith a British judge crediting allegations of abuse even in a country with less expansive protections for free speech.

A source close to Depp says he is expected to testify on Tuesday, and the questioning is likely to continue until Wednesday.

(Screenshot from Law and Crime Network)

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