Old PlayStation in baggage sparks panic and evacuation at Boston National Airport

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Travelers in Boston Logan International Airport I experienced panic, confusion and a lot of delay on Easter Sunday after Eviction has been requested On a suspicious item found in a piece of luggage.

the culprit? Nothing but an old, slightly degraded video game console.

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Footage posted on Twitter shows dozens of people exiting Terminal A at the airport shortly after 4pm on Sunday.

“You have to get out, it’s mandatory,” someone can be heard saying via the PA system, telling airport staff to vacate the area as well.

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According to the Boston Globe, TSA agents were checking checked baggage when they found a “potentially suspicious item in a bag” and He was called up in the state police squad To take a closer look.

“Forces responded and, after investigation and research, determined that the item was a PlayStation video game console with a degraded condition due to age or damage,” a police statement said.

“The condition of the console caused an anomaly in the image that was produced when it was x-rayed, which alarmed the screen examiner.”

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Jamie Miller, who would have been a passenger, told The Globe that he was walking through the airport, “dividing areas,” when I noticed people running towards the exits of the airport.

I was looking at the area people were fleeing and didn’t see any signs of violence. I even asked someone “what’s going on?” And she said, “I don’t know, just run!” “

Police gave an exit permit shortly after 5:00 pm and allowed occupants to return to the building.

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